First module

I received an email this morning saying that I have, subject to confirmation of marks by exam board, passed my foundation – the first of four modules of my PGCPHE.

Good news, but also a good time for reflection.

I have learned a lot already on the course. The theory of pedagogy and andragogy was new to me, and has given me grounds to think a lot about how people teach and learn within different contexts – my students, and myself. I have also learned a great deal from self- and peer observation. More, if I am honest, than I expected. I have come to think about how I teach, and how learners interact with me and with each other. I have already made some changes to my classes, and am developing further in this area.

My peer observation, from a former colleague, was an eye-opener. It made me realise how I have been hiding behind my “librarian” identity, and not thinking – or always acting – like a teacher. Addressing classroom talkers, and how to tactfully and effectively do so. Not being afraid to use my own experiences to relate to the teaching, to let my personality emerge in my teaching (“put a bit more of you in the room”).

Feedback, too – this was more than an empty exercise when you feel you have the agency to change how you teach in response to your learners’ responses.

As a piece of study, I found it harder than I would have liked. Portfolio assessment was new to me, and I was unsure how effectively I was evidencing the learning outcomes asked for. It was an interesting process though, as I read and reflected and wrote, records playing as late winter snow fell outside.

Now I am ready to engage with the next module. Which is on assessment, something we as librarians tend to be less involved with.

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