“Somewhere in between”

The above being the title of a book chapter that my former colleague, learning technologist Chris Rowell, invited me to contribute to his work on social media in higher education. The submission and editing process has taken some time, but the finished book is looking to come out later this year.

I was happy to contribute. Part of the project involved an interview, discussing my chapter and my own relationship with social media. both writing the chapter and discussing it for the interview helped me think how it has formed a part of my development as a librarian and as a part of the community of higher education practitioners. I chose the title (from a Kate Bush song) for how social media positions itself in the spaces between personal and professional, and even between the physical and online world. How it can help us make connections with our peers and colleagues across disciplines and HE specialisations, start a virtual discussion and response to events, build a community of practice. Social media, Twitter in particular, has certainly helped me in my professional development.

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