Third module

I submitted the third module of the PGCPHE on December. On my birthday, as it happens. I received my mark and feedback a couple of months later. I had done well, despite feeling at the time that I was closer up against the deadline than I would have liked. my best mark so far. Why was that? In part, I think I am seeing how to put a portfolio together so that it has a coherent structure and isn’t just a set of disparate documents all saved as one pdf. There was a certain narrative there, and the evidence from the different elements supported each other and the portfolio as a whole.

Also, this module revisited the theory I had encountered in the foundation module but asked me to evaluate it critically and use it in my reflection. Which I found interesting – in many ways, I was reflecting on my own learning process in this teaching programme as much as I was on my learners’.

The theme of technology suited me as a teaching librarian – learning technology i something which informs a huge part of what I do, and evaluating user experience of it is something we do constantly as librarians.

Finally, the theme –  student learning and support – is easy to relate to HE libraries. It permeates our role, and transcends disciplines. As one of my team said the other day as we were discussing adjustments and the additional effort we needed to make to help a student having difficulties engaging with technology: “we support people; it’s what we  do”. That simple, sincere comment was a reminder to me of why I have chosen this career.

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