Not needed

I had been asked to offer a research training session for LLM students undertaking dissertations. There wasn’t much take-up, but the programme leader asked to re-run it later – she felt the students would benefit. However, when she asked the students they felt that the two sessions I had already run with them – introductory and then in ore depth a little into the course – had been sufficient. So we cancelled the re-run session.

In one way this is a disappointment – I had prepared a class which wouldn’t be running. Also,  for my PGCPHE I’m looking at whether we have enough time or sessions with students to teach research and info lit. But then, it was a small(ish) cohort and these were students with whom I’d had two and a half hours in two sessions – so arguably, I had been able to reach all these students for as long as was needed.  They felt they had learned what they needed from those classes.

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