#RPGaDay2020 day four: vision

Still catching up. I’ve often said that GMing was my first management experience. They say sharing a vision, making it happen, is a trait of leadership. Perhaps that’s true. Certainly, a GM does that, whether taking someone else’s material and building on it or creating a world of their own for their players to explore and discover and make real. Though also, I like to remind myself that part of the joy of RPGs, and perhaps many other group activities is that each person sees things slightly differently even while working together. Unless you’re aphantasic, you will see images in your head as things are described. To one player, that old tower is a grey, ruined shell. To another, it’s a Disney castle overgrown with vines and moss. To a third, it’s that old windmill they remember from their childhood. And to the GM, it may appear nothing like any of those. And that’s OK. To lead, to GM, isn’t to impose your vision, but to share it with others and let them build on it.


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