Songs in the key of life

The Monday night online game group has been playing a post-apocalyptic campaign, inspired by the GM’s thoughts on holiday many years ago. Inspired by Terry Nation’s Survivors, post-cataclysm Tenerife is a grim and gritty place, with the PCs perhaps bringing just a little hope to the world.

We had a lot of input into world-building, defining the community our pilgrims came from and our story, and also in a quirky idea that’s been popular with us all. Ennio the young engineer has an old mobile phone powered by solar cells, and we’ve been building a playlist for it. The songs reflect what happened each session, and everyone has been suggesting tracks. We can imagine This Hard Land as the theme song of this if it were a TV show, and one of the other tracks as a “playout” at the end of each episode as we carry on our journey. IT’s eclectic as you’d expect, but between us we’ve picked some great songs so far and I look forward to seeing what else makes it on there over the next few weeks.

Powerful thing, music.

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